A team of experts in specialized machinery for industrial fabricators of doors, windows and insulated glass units


Turnkey service for each machine equals Peace of Mind

Our team is involved right from the beginning of your project to clearly understand what your exact needs, situation and future plans are. Then we proceed to order your machine to your exact specifications and then deliver, install, configure and test it. Your team will also be trained by us once the machine is up and running.

The JSA team is also available to answer any questions you have and is available to go to your location to resolve issues in record time.

A strategic partner to gain access to the best suppliers of machinery of the industrial sector

JSA Machineries has developed relationships with ten or so international machine suppliers. From LGF to Hova, Rotox and many more, JSA will give you access to the widest choice of equipment by dealing with only one vendor. We also attend the main international trade shows to keep on top of the latest technologies and expertise in the field. Notably we attend the Fensterbau Frontale in Nurenberg, the GlassBuild America in Las Vegas, Glasstec in Düsseldorf, Germany or even Win-Door North America.

Our partners are: LGF, Hova, Rotox, Profteq, Böhme


Maintenance and technical advice for CNC’s, welders, saws and corner cleaners)

Here is some advice to insure machine durability and performance

At the end of every shift, the machine should be cleaned to remove chips and dust. Excess waste on the floor around saws and corner cleaners should also be removed.

Equipment must be operated by a trained employee.

Staff Education
Machine operators, maintenance personnel, and production supervisors must all be familiar with the basic equipment maintenance and operation. For higher functions such as program adjustments, maintenance and/or supervisors could be trained by JSA. Every machine comes with a detailed manual, but JSA can provide additional training.

Frequent Maintenance Service
Machines come with a maintenance sheet detailing daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance schedules. Preventive maintenance must be done by qualified personnel. JSA can also assist you with scheduled preventive maintenance.

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