Saw with integrated machining center

The Rotox saw can cut PVC profiles at different angles (45°, 90°) as well as process them at the same time.


ROTOX sorting line

Automated Sorting system for the assembly of Frames / sashes and Glazing and warehousing finished products.


Painting room

Automated paint chamber for aluminum, wood and PVC products.


Why choose JSA?

Our team has been installing and supporting the integration of industrial manufacturers, manufacturers, and the industry for over 30 years. Whether it’s wood, PVC, aluminum or steel, we can help you optimize your productivity.

  • Our experts help you analyze your real machinery needs:
  • – Gain in productivity
  • – Labor costs saved
  • – Quality of the rendered product

Our industrial machinery manufacturing partners are all over 25 years of experience and market awareness.

The high quality and availability of our service are renowned.

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